Community Outreach Program

NYCFC launched its new community outreach program to promote health in at risk populations with poor access to healthcare within New York City. The NYCFC community outreach allows the clinic to perform large-scale screenings that address the health needs of a more diverse patient population than would be possible at the clinic itself. 

NYCFC provides free blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol screenings, as well as health education in different New York City communities. Those individuals who have been identified to be at risk will either be referred to local, low-cost healthcare facilities or encouraged to see their physicians if they have some form of public or private health insurance. 

In order to promote access to affordable care, individuals will also be screened for insurance status and eligibility for public health insurance programs. When found eligible, the individual will be referred to a public health insurance registration center in order to facilitate the application process and to ensure successful program involvement. Current funding for this outreach initiative is generously provided by the Langeloth Foundation.